Windows 10 Shortcut Keys that can make you more faster and productive

Windows 10 Shortcut Keys that can make you more faster and productive

Using shortcuts keys is a simple way to increase productivity on desktop or laptop . Here are top Windows 10 shortcut keys for you that will definitely increase your productivity if you apply these when you work.

1. Windows Key + 1, 2 , 3 etc

windows key + 1

Use this shortcut to open the apps pinned to your Taskbar. If the first app on your Taskbar is Paint , Just press Windows key + 1 to open it.

2. Windows Key + Type for Search

Press Windows key and type few starting letters of your program or file that you are looking for. It will show up programs and files matching with keyword. For example; If you want to search for Calculator then Type in and it supplies at the of the list.

start menu search bar

3. Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Press all the three keys simultaneously to open the task manager quickly. The task manager is useful to kill a process or app which causes problem.

Task manager windows 10

4. Windows Key + E

Press Windows Key + E to open File Explorer quickly

File explorer in windows 10

5. Windows Key + D

To hide all windows open and show desktop, press Windows Key + D

6. Alt + Tab (To Navigate another window)

Use Alt + Tab to navigate one window to another window

navigation window

7. Alt + F4 ( Close Current Window)

To close currently open window, Press Alt + F4

8. F2 ( To rename file or folder name)

To rename file or folder name quickly, Select file or folder and press F2 and type new name.

Rename file or folder

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